logo Home 2way radio repairand installations TV service and installations Audio equipment service and installation Industrial electronics repair Call 604 556 6287   or send an email to  steveselectronics@shaw.ca woofer amplifier Here we deal with everything "audio" you have at home. From a subwoofer or a speaker to a high-end amplifier or receiver.
Please keep in mind, that not all equipment was made to be serviceable. Some low-end equipment when still in warranty, was not meant to be serviced at all and it was a "replacement only".
After the warranty was over, there were no parts and no support at all.
Most DVD players and CD players are in the same boat. If you have trouble playing the discs, the most likely problem will be the laser assembly, which often contains all the mechanics.
To replace one of those units would be only feasible on some high-end units.
The cost of the part, the shipping, the labor and the taxes will usually exceed the cost of a low-end unit.
If you have something you would like to have repaired, please write down the make and the model number and call 604 556 6287 or send an email.
With the audio equipment we will give you the choice to bring in the unit yourself and save the service call charge (50$), but please call to set up an appointment.
We will have to make sure before you bring the unit out that the problem is really that equipment and not something else.
You don't want to bring in your good receiver and leave the problem behind at home.
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Call: 604 556 6287
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