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Steve's Electronic Services is a small business based in Abbotsford BC and since 1999 providing mobile electronic service for individual customers and businesses. There are four different areas we could help you with.
We can provide service or installation of your CB or 2-way radio equipment in your truck.
Either at your place of business or at your house.
Please call or send an email to set up an appointment.
If you are looking for some new radio equipment, please send me an email asking for a quote.
For more information see the radios section
Providing in-home television repair and installations, lamp replacements.
Colour alignments.
Digital OTA television signal measurements and site evaluation.
A few recommendations what to buy.
Surround sound system installations and troubleshooting. Audio equipment repair.
Industrial electronics repair - it is oriented to meet the needs of local businesses and it is basically
any electronic equipment what you have difficulty locating sevice for, or the cost of service is too high.
You will find more details about pricing, part and labour costs on the corresponding pages dedicated to each of these four sections discussed above.

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About SES:

This section is intended to give you some information about the technical background, training and education.
SES is a small business owned and operated by Steve Grega, who is graduated in 1985 as an Electronic Engineer in Czechoslovakia.
Completed the examinations required by The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientist of the Province of BC. (APEGBC)
Received the title Engineer in TRaining(EIT)
Before establishing SES, was working at IT Electronics in Burnaby BC.
Was contracting for John's Electronics LTD in Chilliwack BC for a number of years and was working as an authorized service technician for RCA-Thomson and Toshiba.
The same time was contracting for Freeway Communications in Abbotsford BC, servicing and installing 2-way radio equipment.
Providing extended warranty service for Future Shop, Best Buy and Bay in Abbotsford and area.
To contact:
Call: 604 556 6287
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