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Providing in home repair and maintenance of projection TV sets, big screen TVs, DLP, LCD projection, plasma, LCD and LED flat screen TVs. Servicing all major brands.

If you are calling to schedule a service call or have some questions about your TV set, please look up the model number.
Without knowing what model you have, it is really difficult to give you any idea what the repair cost might be.
Most of the time the model number is located on the tag on the back of the set,
on some of the flat screens like Samsung there is a small tag on the side with the model code.
It is the same thing, just they call a bit different.

The minimum cost is a service call which is 60$ plus tax in the main coverage area Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack and Aldergrove. Some minor issues like incorrect TV setup or incorrect wiring will be covered.

The final repair cost will be determined at the time of the initial visit and will consist of a
- service call charge,
- labour charge,
- parts cost and
- tax.

If you are outside my main coverage area, there will be some extra mileage cost.

Most of the routine repairs are completed the same day as the service call is scheduled.
If it is impossible to finish the repair on site, will remove the defective module or take the set and finish the repair in the shop.
If the TV needs to be serviced in shop the pickup and delivery is free.
4 Months warranty on the labor, this is one month more than you get anywhere else!
House calls only, no TV set drop off is accepted.

New TV setup, installation and color alignments: If you are not sure how to properly hook up your new TV set, it is possible to set up an appointment for that. Pricing will be agreed upon before the service call and it will depend on the requirements.

Lamp replacements.
Steve's Electronics is not selling parts or lamps. We usually have one or two lamps in stock to make sure we are able to do the repairs.
The cost of having the lamp replaced consist of a service call (50$) plus the cost of the lamp (call for the latest price).
In some cases, especially with some Sony TV sets when the lamp is replaced, the TV set has to be cleaned from inside. It takes about an hour to do and it costs 50$ if we do the lamp replacement.
Take a look at some cooling fans to see why it needs cleaning.
It is true in some cases you can do the lamp replacement yourself if you feel like and you can find enough cheap replacement lamps on line.

Why should you call us to do the job if there is an extra service call charge?
- you will receive a high quality replacement lamp not an aftermarket junk
- if the lamp is not a problem, you don't have to buy it
- we will asses the condition of the TV set and point out potential problems (cleaning the Sony fans ... etc..)
- the lamps are usually available the same or the next day
- especially with bare lamps, they are easily damaged at the time of the installation - it is not going to be your responsibility
What to buy?
I am not going to be discussing what bells and whistles each TV set has, or what is the resolution or contrast ratio etc. That is the sales man's job and most of them will tell you what you want to hear.
Currently (2012) there are 3 main types of sets on the market.

The LCD and LED is basically almost the same thing, the biggest difference is the way they achieve lighting up the display. The LCD has fluorescent tubes supplying the light and the LED (you guessed it) uses Light Emitting Diodes. (LED's) The LED is a newer technology and is more energy efficient and thinner than the LCD. The LED also has better contrast. What is the problem with both LCD and LED is the way they are making the display. From the front it is just a thin glass covered with some plastic foil and it is very fragile. If you have small kids throwing toys around the house these sets could be very easily damaged. A broken display panel means the set is a write off. (too expensive to fix).
The plasma sets looks like are slowly loosing the battle and will be following the fate of the CRT sets. They are not very energy efficient. They are heavier than the LCD sets, but will give you a nice picture with a better pixel response time than the LCD. They have a more sturdy display and have a better chance of surviving a flying toy or a remote.
The technology of the future might be the OLED if they actually manage to get the cost down to compete with the rest.

Regarding the 3D sets, well if they want to succeed they will have to offer more content for people to watch and have to design it the way that we don't need extra glasses to see the 3D effect.
Reliability and service.
Don't let the sales man fool you talking about the display panel lasting 100 000 hours. Chances are the set will fail much sooner and it may not be the display. As the prices drop, so does the quality of the parts, workmanship and attention to details at the time of the design.
The manufacturers are not trying to make set lasting for decades, there is no profit in that. You will be most likely having some kind of a problem with your new set within five years. It might be possible to repair it, but the manufacturers are not making our job easier, they do not supply decent documentations anymore and they do not provide parts. Maybe you are not aware of the fact, that most of the set are not repaired by replacing the defective 10$ or 20$ part on the board, but the entire pc board or module.
The cost of these modules usually is much higher, from 100$ to 300$ and sometimes more. We are able to reverse engineer some of these boards and repair them despite the lack of support from manufacturers.
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